Forehead with an impressed longitudinal furrow: ears a little shorter than the head, broad at the base, obtuse and rounded at the extremity ; tragus linear: fur above brown, darkest on the head and dorsal line ; paler beneath.

V. pygmaeus, Leach, in Zool. Journ. vol. i. p. 560. pi. 22.


Length of the head and body one inch two lines and a half; of the head five lines; of the tail nine lines; of the ears four lines: extent of wing five inches four lines.


Differs from the last species in its smaller dimensions, as well as in its relative proportions. Head high; the forehead marked with a longitudinal furrow; muzzle short and obtuse, nearly of equal breadth throughout; nostrils small, opening laterally: ears somewhat shorter than the head, broad at the base, obtuse and rounded at the extremity: anterior margin nearly straight, posterior slightly concave and convolute: tragus about half the length of the auricle, regularly linear, simple and rounded at the extremity: tail as long as the body exclusively of the head; the tip naked, protruding one line beyond the interfemoral membrane. Fur short and delicate, dark brown on the upper parts, the colour being deepest on the head and on the highest part of the back along the spine; inclining to gray underneath: flying membrane dark brown. - Leach.

A new species discovered by Dr Leach at Spitchweek, near the Forest of Dartmoor, where it is said to be extremely common. Has not hitherto occurred elsewhere.