Wings longer than the tail.

Falco Haliaetus, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. I. p. 47. Osprey, Mont. Orn. Diet, and Supp. Selb. Must, vol. I. p. 24. pl. 4. Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. i. p. 13.


Entire length one foot eleven inches: breadth five feet four inches. Flem.


(Adult). Crown of the head and nape of the neck deep brown, the feathers, which are long and narrow, edged with white: a streak of blackish brown on each side of the neck, proceeding from the posterior angle of the eye, and reaching almost to the shoulders: upper parts in general deep umber-brown: under parts white, with some faint indications of a darker patch on the breast: tail-feathers transversely barred with white on their inner webs, the two middle ones excepted, which are wholly brown: bill blackish: irides yellow: cere and feet grayish blue. (Young). Chiefly characterized by having the under parts more or less mottled; a large patch especially of tawny yellow on the breast, spotted with brown: feathers on the upper parts edged with reddish yellow. (Egg-) Reddish white; the larger end blotched with dark red brown, the smaller end spotted with the same colour: long. diam. two inches four lines; trans, diam. one inch ten lines.

Not a common species. Met with in Scotland, and in the West of England. Has occurred also in Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk. Resides chiefly in the neighbourhood of large pieces of water, preying on fish. Builds on trees and rocks, and lays from three to four eggs.