Fur grayish-black above; ash-colour beneath : tail a little longer than the body.

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Length of the head and body seven inches four lines; of the head one inch ten lines; of the ears eleven lines and a half; of the tail seven inches eleven lines.


Head long; muzzle sharp-pointed ; lower jaw very short; eyes large and prominent; ears oval, broad, and naked: whiskers long : fore feet with four toes, and a claw in the place of a thumb; hind feet with five: tail longer than the body, almost entirely naked, and covered with small scales disposed in rings. Colour of the upper parts deep iron-gray, or grayish black; those beneath dull ash-colour: feet and tail dusky.

Frequents houses, and is truly indigenous; but is now much less general than the next species. Food various. Breeds frequently in the year, producing from six to eleven at a time.