Dusky brown with a tinge of yellow; beneath paler : some white spots about the ears and mouth.

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Length of the head and body one foot six inches; of the head two inches ten lines; of the ears six lines; of the tail five inches six lines.


Tail proportionably shorter than in the last sub-genus: space round the mouth, and edge of the ears, white : hair on the body of two kinds; the longer sort somewhat harsh, shining, and of a dusky brown colour; the shorter more woolly, and of a yellowish or tawny white; from the mixing of these two the general tint appears brown with a slight cast of tawny yellow: the legs and tail are of a uniform dusky brown.

A common inhabitant of woods and plantations in all parts of the country. Preys on game, poultry, eggs, and the smaller quadrupeds : is particularly fond of blood. Produces in the Spring from five to six young.