Top of the head very convex : teeth conical, varying in number: pectoral fins long and narrow.

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Entire length from twenty to twenty-four feet.


Equalling the Grampus in size, but differing essentially from that species in the form and character of the fins; the dorsal much shorter, the pectorals longer, narrower, and more pointed: head short and round, with the forehead remarkably convex and prominent: upper jaw projecting a little beyond the lower: teeth conical, sharp, and a little bent; varying much in number in different individuals, not visible in very young specimens, and falling in advanced life; average number from twenty-two to twenty-four in all. Skin smooth, of a deep bluish black colour, with the exception of a whitish band beneath the body extending from the throat to the anus.

Common in large herds off the Orkney and Shetland Islands.

(3. Delphinaptera, Lacep).