Head blunt: teeth about nine on each side above and below; short, with obtuse summits.

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Entire length from twelve to eighteen feet.


Body thick in the middle, somewhat tapering towards each extremity, but more especially towards the tail: head small, blunt, and round; the forehead rising abruptly: eyes and mouth small: jaws equal: teeth in the adult state about nine on each side above and below, short, straight, slightly compressed, with obtuse summits; those in the upper jaw falling in advanced life: a longitudinal ridge on the back supplying the place of the dorsal fin: pectorals short, broad, and oval. Skin smooth : colour wholly white; sometimes with a tinge of yellow.

A native of high Northern latitudes, where it is found in herds of thirty or forty together. Must be considered as a very rare visitant of the British seas. The individual described by Mr. Neill I.e. was taken in the Frith of Forth in June 1815.