Teeth very slightly bent, with flat summits.

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Said to be characterized by an erect dorsal fin, very high, and pointed at the extremity: blow-hole in front: teeth very slightly bent, with flat or obtuse summits: in other respects similar to the P. macrocephalus.

But very little is known of this species. The few particulars on record respecting it are principally taken from Sibbald, who briefly describes a Cachalot with the above characters, which came on shore on the Orkney Isles in 1687.

* Some parts of this description are borrowed from Alderson's account of this species, 1. c.

(3). P. Microps, Linn. Flera. Brit. An. P. 38

This species, which entirely owes its existence to Sibbald's Phalain-ologia, rests upon very vague and uncertain authority. It is said to resemble the P. Tursio, excepting in having the teeth more pointed. Cuvier does not admit that there is any well-founded distinction between the two. Indeed, in his Ossemens Fossiles, (torn. v. p. 328). he would seem to entertain some doubts with respect to the existence of either.