" Above fuscous and green; beneath white, with a fulvous dentated stripe on each side: two fore-teeth longest.1" Don.

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Rather exceeding seven inches. Don.


" Of a slender, or elongated form, and remarkable for the elegant distribution of its colours, which are changeable in various directions of light: abroad dentated stripe, extending along each side, from the head nearly to the tail, of a silvery and fulvous colour:

D. 9/13; A. 2/13; C. 13; P. 12; V. 1/5." Don.

Received by Donovan from the coast of Cornwall, in the year 1802. The only recorded instance in which it has hitherto occurred in the British seas. Inhabits the Mediterranean along with two other closely allied species.

(3. Crenilabrus, Cuv).