Crown blue, encircled with white: cheeks white, bordered with black, and dark blue.

P. cseruleus, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. 1. p. 289. Blue Titmouse, Mont. Orn. Diet. Selb. Illust. vol. 1. p. 235. pl. 51. f. 2. Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. 1. p. 276.


Entire length four inches four lines: length of the bill four lines; of the tarsus eight lines; of the tail one inch eleven lines; from the carpus to the end of the wing two inches four lines; breadth, wings extended, seven inches eight lines.


Forehead white, the white extending backwards in the form of a narrow band above the eyes, and reaching to the occiput; crown of the head bright blue: cheeks white, bounded above by a narrow black line commencing at the bill and passing through the eyes, beneath by another line of dark blue extending from the chin to the hinder part of the neck where it becomes broader: back yellowish green: throat, and longitudinal streak on the middle of the abdomen, deep blue; breast and sides bright yellow: wings and tail blue; secondaries and greater coverts tipped with white: bill and legs bluish gray. In the female, the blue colours are more obscure, and the abdominal streak not so well defined. (Egg). White, spotted with pale red: long. diam. seven lines and a half; trans, diam. six lines.

Equally common with the last species. Habits and food similar. Nest placed in the holes of trees; formed of moss, and lined with hair and feathers.