Depth moderate: lower jaw longest: anal with fourteen rays: sides and abdomen silvery; all the fins plain white.

Leuciscus cseruleus, Yarr. in Linn. Trans, vol. xvii. p. 8. pl. 2. f. 2. Azurine, Id. Brit. Fish. vol. i. p. 365.


(Form). General form resembling that of the last species: greatest depth rather more than one-fourth of the entire length; head one-fifth; thickness not half the depth: back arched; the dorsal line descending in one regular curve to the end of the snout, without any depression at the nape; ventral line much less convex: snout blunt; mouth small; lower jaw a little the longest: eyes rather large: nostrils midway between them and the upper lip: opercle marked with radiating lines: lateral line descending; its lowest point at rather more than two-thirds of the depth: scales large, oval, marked anteriorly and posteriorly with a variable number of radiating striae; number in the lateral line about forty-one; above it seven and a half; beneath three and a half: dorsal entirely behind the middle, commencing half-way between the posterior edge of the orbit of the eye and the base of the caudal fin; its form and rays as in the last species: anal commencing nearly in a line with the last ray of the dorsal; first ray extremely short and easily overlooked; second half the length of the third; third and fourth equal and longest; all except the first three branched: caudal forked for half its length: pectorals and ventrals as in the Red-Eye, the latter altogether in advance of the dorsal, which last is directly over the intervening space between them and the anal:

D. 12; A. 14; C. 20; P. 16; V. 9.

{Colours). Upper part of the head, back, and sides, slate-blue, passing into silvery white beneath, and both shining with metallic lustre: irides white, tinged with pale straw-yellow: all the fins plain white; the dorsal and caudal inclining to dusky.

A new species described by Mr. Yarrell from specimens received along with the Graining from Knowsley in Lancashire. Not much at present known of its habits. Said to be hardy, tenacious of life, and to spawn in May. Weight of the largest individual hitherto obtained about a pound.