Fur of a deep chestnut-brown; glossy above, dull beneath.

C. Fiber, Desm. Mammal, p. 277. Common Beaver, Shaw, Gen. Zool. vol. n. p. 30. pi. 128.


Length of the head and body two feet six lines; of the head five inches; of the tail one foot; breadth of the tail four inches two lines. - Desm.


Head short and thick, somewhat flattened at the top; muzzle obtuse: eyes small and black: ears short, and rounded at the extremity : neck short: body thick, very convex on the back: tail depressed, broad, and of an oval form ; the surface naked and scaly. Fur of a deep chestnut-brown colour, smooth and glossy on the upper parts, more dull underneath.

Formerly an inhabitant of Wales and Scotland. Observed in the former country by Giraldus de Barri in the year 1188. Not exactly known when the species was extirpated. Has occurred in a fossil state in Cambridgeshire.