Head and upper part of the body purplish red; the feathers on the crown elongated; throat black: secondaries and greater coverts tipped with white.

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Entire length seven inches eleven lines.


Crown-feathers elongated, forming a pendent crest, of a pale brown purplish red colour: nostrils covered with small black feathers: throat and region of the eyes deep black: all the upper and under parts of the body purplish red, with a tinge of ash-gray, being darkest above: greater wing-coverts black, tipped with white: quills black; some of the primaries with a yellow, others, and all the secondaries, with a white spot at the extremity of the outer web: six or eight of the secondaries with the shafts terminating in a small, oblong, flat, cartilaginous process, of a bright red colour, and having the appearance of wax: vent and under tail-coverts reddish orange: tail black, tipped with yellow: bill and feet black: irides purplish red. In the female, there is less black on the throat, and the wax-like appendages are not so numerous: the yellow on the wings, and extremity of the tail, is also not so bright. In young birds the waxen tags do not appear at all till after the first moult; from that time they gradually increase in number as the age of the individual advances. (Egg). Pale blue, with a few specks of ash-gray and black: long. diam. eleven lines; trans, diam. seven lines.

A very uncommon visitant in this country; making its appearance at irregular intervals. Occasionally observed in small flocks during the winter season. Feeds on heps, and the berries of the mountain-ash.