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Entire length from eleven to fifteen feet.


Head small, rounded, obtuse: lips very thick and swollen; upper lip divided into two large rounded lobes, over which are scattered numerous semitransparent bristles, somewhat flattened towards their roots, and slightly pointed at their extremities: eyes small and brilliant : auricular apertures situate very much behind: mouth small, armed with two enormous tusks bent downwards, and attaining in some individuals the length of two feet: neck short: body very thick and heavy: tail relatively longer than in the last genus : skin of a dusky hue, with a very few short, scattered, reddish hairs: hind feet very broad.

Very rare in the British seas. A solitary individual shot on the east coast of Harris in December 1817: a second killed in Orkney in June 1825. Habits resembling those of the Seals.

*See Selby's observations on this species in Zool. Journ. vol. ii. p. 465.