Place the centre of the first baluster, b (Fig. 132), half its diameter from the face of the riser, cd, and one third its diameter from the end of the step, ed; and place the centre of the other baluster, a, half the tread from the centre of the first. A line through the centre of the rail will occur vertically over the centres of the balusters. The usual length of the balusters is 2 feet 5 inches and 2 feet 9 inches respectively, for the short and long balusters. Their length may be greater than is here indicated, but, for safety, should never be less. The difference in length between the short and long balusters is equal to one half the height of a riser.

Construction Of Winding Stairs

259. - Winding Stairs: have the steps narrower atone end than at the other. In some stairs there are steps of parallel width incorporated with the tapering steps; in this case the former are called flyers, and the latter winder:.