1.. House lots should be wide enough so that each room shall have sufficient light from open spaces on its own lot without depending upon its neighbors.

The problem here is to provide adequate light and sunshine for the middle rooms of houses which are more than two rooms deep. Front and back rooms can secure their light from street and yard, but the middle rooms are dependent upon light which comes over the roofs of neighboring dwellings and hence require wider side yards.

2. Suitable play space should be provided in the yards to supplement neighborhood resources and should be so located that the play activities of small children can be easily observed by the mother while engaged in her daily routine.

3. If outdoor space for drying clothes is provided it should be properly screened so as not to render the neighborhood unattractive.

Vine-covered lattices and hedges usually make the most satisfactory screens.

4. The lot should be properly graded or drained so that there will be no standing water.

5. Trees, shrubs and vines should be planted as they provide an attractive setting and furnish shade and privacy.

6. Private garages and any outbuildings should be easy of access, fire safe and so placed as not to interfere with the lighting of neighboring residences or with their attractiveness of outlook.

7. Proper provision should be made for the storing and disposal of garbage, rubbish, ashes and other household refuse. These should be kept in covered containers of ample capacity which will be fireproof, waterproof, rustproof and so placed and maintained that they will not interfere with the healthfulness, appearance or attractiveness of the premises.