European larch, white pine, Scotch pine, Norway spruce, blue spruce, white spruce, arborvitae (northern white cedar), white oak, red oak, pin oak, black oak, white birch, sugar maple, Norway maple, red (sweet) gum, tulip tree (yellow poplar), horse chestnut, beech, and basswood.


Chinese arborvitae, American elm, winged elm, cottonwood, Russian olive, Russian mulberry, black walnut, Osage orange, black locust, sycamore, and London (Oriental) plane.


Western white pine, western yellow pine, Douglas fir, Norway maple, bigleaf maple, green ash, Russian poplar, white willow, English elm, black locust, and box elder.


Red pine, arborvitae (northern white cedar), Norway spruce, red oak, pin oak, European white birch, paper birch, sweet birch, red maple, sugar maple, Norway maple, tulip tree (yellow poplar), American elm, slippery elm, black walnut, sycamore, beech, and hickories.

Rhode Island

White oak, black oak, bur oak, river birch, European white birch, red maple, sugar maple, Norway maple, American elm, yellow poplar (tulip tree), black walnut, and hickories.

South Carolina

Bald (southern) cypress, live oak, willow oak, laurel oak, southern red oak, red maple, redbud, sugarberry, sycamore, basswood, tulip tree (yellow poplar), evergreen magnolia, ginkgo, pecan.

South Dakota

Rocky Mountain red cedar, Scotch pine, jack pine, western yellow pine, green ash, American elm, box elder, native cottonwoods, Russian olive, and hackberry.


Eastern hemlock, southern cypress, willow oak, red oak, white oak, pin oak, sugar maple, red maple, American elm, tulip tree (yellow poplar), basswood, sugarberry, black gum, red (sweet) gum, evergreen magnolia, and hickories.


East - Bald (southern) cypress, longleaf pine, Chinese arborvitae, pin oak, post oak, southern red oak, black oak, Texas red oak, willow oak, live oak, green ash, sycamore, American elm, cedar elm, red (sweet) gum, sugarberry, pecan, and evergreen magnolia.

West - Alligator juniper, one-seed juniper, green ash, Texas ash, native cot-tonwoods, Chinese elm, tamarisk, China tree, Texas umbrella tree (umbrella China tree), black locust, box elder, nogal and Mexican walnut, Osage orange, hackberry, western soapberry, and desert willow.


Blue spruce, Rocky Mountain red cedar, western yellow pine, Scotch pine, jack pine, Austrian pine, silver maple, green ash, black locust, hackberry, sycamore, box elder, and native cottonwoods.


Balsam fir, tamarack, white spruce, white and red pines, sugar and Norway maples, American elm, beech, yellow birch, and basswood.


White and red oaks, black oak, willow oak, southern red oak, red maple, red and green ashes, horse chestnut, winged and American elm, black walnut, sycamore London (Oriental) plane, tulip tree (yellow poplar), basswood, dogwood, ginkgo, and honey locust.


East - Western yellow pine, Rocky Mountain red cedar, cot-tonwoods, and box elder.

West - Douglas fir, western yellow pine, western white spruce, western white pine, Port Orford cedar, lowland white fir, Garry oak, paper birch, bigleaf maple, and madrona.

West Virginia

White pine, tamarack, red spruce, eastern hemlock, arborvitae (northern white cedar), pin oak, red oak, yellow birch, sugar maple, white ash, black walnut, American elm, cucumber tree, red (sweet) gum, redbud, holly, basswood, Hercules-club, flowering dogwood, and fringe tree.


Norway pine, white pine, white spruce, Norway spruce, arborvitae (northern white cedar), white oak, bur oak, red oak, beech, yellow birch, paper birch, sugar maple, white ash, American elm, and basswood.


Western yellow pine, Rocky Mountain red cedar (Juniperus scopulorum), lodgepole pine, blue spruce, green ash, box elder, American elm, Chinese elm, native cottonwoods, and Russian olive.