Maryland And The District Of Columbia

Arborvitae (northern white cedar), white oak, pin oak, red oak, willow oak, Norway maple, red maple, London (Oriental) plane, American elm, basswood, European lindens, tulip tree (yellow poplar), beech, dogwood, red (sweet) gum, and ginkgo.


White pine, red pine, white spruce, red spruce, arborvitae (northern white cedar), red oak, pin oak, European and native white birches, sugar maple, Norway maple, mountain ash, European lindens, London (Oriental) plane, American elm, horse chestnut, beech, black walnut, and butternut.

Michigan - White pine, red pine, arborvitae (northern white cedar), Norway spruce, eastern hemlock, balsam fir, red oak, bur oak, yellow birch, sweet birch, sugar maple, red maple, American elm, rock elm, and beech.


Norway pine, white pine, white spruce, arborvitae (northern white cedar), paper birch, sugar maple, red maple, green ash, white ash, American elm, basswood, and box elder.


Laurel oak, willow oak, live oak, southern red oak, sugarberry, winged elm, sweet gum, evergreen magnolia, sycamore, and holly.


Shortleaf pine, oaks, sugar maple, red and green ashes, American elm, hackberry, red (sweet) gum, tulip tree (yellow poplar), black gum, evergreen magnolia, holly, and redbud.


Douglas fir, Engelmann spruce, Rocky Mountain red cedar, green ash, cottonwoods, box elder, and black locust.


Western yellow pine, Scotch pine, jack pine, bur oak, green ash, honey locust, hackberry, Russian olive, American elm, and native cotton-woods.


Black locust, Chinese popular, box elder, tamarisk, native cotton-woods, and Chinese elm.

New Hampshire

Norway and white spruces, red pine, white pine, paper birch, sugar maple, white ash, American elm, beech, and basswood.

New Jersey

Pin oak, red oak, white oak, Norway maple, green ash, American elm, hackberry, European linden, honey locust, black locust, tulip tree (yellow poplar), sycamore, black walnut, London (Oriental) plane, red (sweet) gum, and black gum.

New Mexico

Green and Arizona ashes, native cottonwood, black locust, Russian mulberry, tamarisk, Russian olive, and Chinese elm.

New York

White spruce, blue spruce, white pine, Scotch pine, red pine, balsam fir, eastern hemlock, arborvitae (northern white cedar), white oak, black oak, red oak, pin oak, basswood, beech, sugar maple, Norway maple, and American elm.

North Carolina

Loblolly pine, longleaf pine, white oak, black oak, post oak, southern red oak, evergreen magnolia, holly, hickories, black walnut, redbud, tulip tree (yellow poplar), sycamore, red (sweet) gum, and basswood.

North Dakota

Jack pine, Scotch pine, western yellow pine, bur oak, green ash, white willow, box elder, black walnut, American elm, hackberry, balsam poplar, Norway poplar, and Russian olive.