Enabling Act

Before any community undertakes zoning it must make sure that it has the power to pass a zoning ordinance. A general state enabling act passed by the state legislature is always desirable, and while the power to zone may, in some states, be derived from constitutional, as distinguished from statutory, home rule, still it is seldom that the home-rule powers will cover all the necessary provisions for successful zoning. The United States Department of Commerce has issued A Standard State Zoning Enabling Act which contains all provisions needed.....

Zoning Commission

There must be some local official body to initiate the work of zoning. If there is a planning board or commission, that is the logical body to take up the problem. If there is no such body, one should be created, because zoning, to be done with wise foresight, must take account not only of existing conditions and obvious tendencies of growth but of probable changes and improvements of many sorts. It is part of the general planning problem. It relates to the transportation system, including streets, street railways and other local passenger transportation, railroad freight and passenger service, and water-borne commerce, if any. It relates also to public works and utilities, to parks, schools, and many special public and private undertakings.