THE GOLDSMITH'S HANDBOOK : containing full instructions for the Alloying and Working of Gold. Including the Art of Alloying, Melting, Reducing, Colouring, Collecting and Refining. Chemical and Physical Properties of Gold, with a new System of Mixing its Alloys; Solders, Enamels, etc. By George E. Gee. Second Edition, enlarged. 12mo, 3s 6d. cloth. The best work yet printed on its subject for a reasonable price." - Jeweller. Essentially a practical manual, well adapted to the wants of amateurs and apprentices, containing trustworthy information that only a practical man can supply." - English Mechanic.

Silver And Silver Working

THE SILVERSMITH'S HANDBOOK, containing full In-structions for the Alloying and Working of Silver. Including the different Modes of Refining and Melting the Metal, its Solders, the Preparation of Imitation Alloys, etc. By G. E. Gee. 12mo, 3s. 6d. "The chief merit of the work is its practical character. The workers in the trade will speedily discover its merits when they sit down to study it." - English Mechanic

Hail-Marking Of Jewellery

THE HALL-MARKLNG OF JEWELLERY PRACTICALLY CONSIDERED, comprising an account of all the different Assay Towns of the United Kingdom ; with the Stamps at present employed; also the Laws relating to the Standards and Hall-Marks at the various Assay Offices ; and a variety of Practical Suggestions concerning the Mixing of Standard Alloys, etc. By George E. G.e.e Crown 8vo, 5s. cloth. Just published.