Nicholson's Carpenter's Guide

THE CARPENTER'S NEW GUIDE ; or, BOOK of LINES for CARPENTERS : comprising all the Elementary Principles essential for acquiring a knowledge of Carpentry. Founded on the late Peter Nicholson's standard work. A new Edition, revised by Arthur Ashpitel, F.S.A., together with Practical Rules on Drawing, by George Pyne. With 74 Plates, 4to, 1l. 1s. cloth,

Dowsing's Timber Merchant's Companion

THE TIMBER MERCHANT'S AND BUILDER'S COM-PANION ; containing New and Copious Tables of the Reduced Weight and Measurement of Deals and Battens, of all sizes, from One to a Thousand Pieces, also the relative Price that each size bears per Lineal Foot to any given Price per Petersburgh Standard Hundred, etc, etc. Also a variety of other valuable information. By William Dowsing, Timber Merchant. Third Edition, Revised. Crown 8vo, 3s. cloth. "Everything is as concise and clear as it can possibly be made. There can be no doubt that every timber merchant and builder ought to possess it" - Hull Advertiser.

Practical Timber Merchant

THE PRACTICAL TIMBER MERCHANT, being a Guide for the use of Building Contractors, Surveyors, Builders, etc, comprising useful Tables for all purposes connected with the Timber Trade, Essay on the Strength of Timber, Remarks on the Growth of Timber, etc. By W. Richardson. Fcap. 8vo, 3s. 6d. cl.

Woodworking Machinery

WOODWORKING MACHINERY; its Rise, Progress, and Construction. With Hints on the Management of Saw Mills and the Economical Conversion of Timber. Illustrated with Examples ©f Recent Designs by leading English, French, and American Engineers. By M. Powis Bale, M.I.M.E. Large crown 8vo, 12s. 6d. cloth. " Mr. Bale is evidently an expert on the subject, and he has collected so much information that his book is all-sufficient for builders and others engaged in the conversion of timber." - Architect.

"The most comprehensive compendium of wood-working machinery we have seen. The author is a thorough master of his subject." - Bunding News. " It should be in the office of every wood-working factory." - English Mechanic.



LATHE-WORK : a Practical Treatise on the Tools, Appliances, and Processes employed in the Art of Turning. By Paul N. HAS-

LUCK. With Illustrations drawn by the Author. Crown 8vo, 5s.

" Evidently written from personal experience, and gives a large amount of just that sort of information which beginners at the lathe require" - Builder.

Mechanics Workshop Companion

THE OPERATIVE MECHANIC'S WORKSHOP COM-PANION, and THE SCIENTIFIC GENTLEMAN'S PRACTICAL ASSISTANT. By W. Templeton. 13th Edit., with Mechanical Tables for Operative Smiths, Millwrights, Engineers, etc.; and an Extensive Table of Powers and Roots, 12mo, 5s. bound. " Admirably adapted to the wants of a very large class. It has met with great success in the engineering workshop, as we can testify ; and there are a great many men who, in a great measure owe their rise in life to this little work." - Building News.

Engineer s and Machinist}s Assistant.

THE ENGINEER'S, MILLWRIGHT'S, and MACHINIST'S PRACTICAL ASSISTANT ; comprising a Collection of Useful Tables, Rules, and Data. By Wm. Templeton. 18mo, 2s. 6d.

Smith's Tables for Mechanics, etc.

TABLES, MEMORANDA, and CALCULATED RESULTS, FOR MECHANICS, ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS, etc. Selected and Arranged by Francis Smith. Waistcoat-pocket size, VS. 6d., limp leather. [Just published.

Boiler Making

THE BOILER-MAKER'S READY RECKONER. With Examples of Practical Geometry and Templating, for the use of Platers, Smiths, and Riveters. By John Courtney, Edited by D. K. Clark, M. I. C.E. 12mo, 9s. half-bd. [Just published.

Superficial Measurement,

THE TRADESMAN'S GUIDE TO SUPERFICIAL MEASUREMENT. Tables calculated from I to 200 inches in length, by 1 to 108 inches in breadth. By J. Hawkings. Fcp. 3s. 6d. cl.

The High-Pressure Steam Engine

THE HIGH-PRESSURE STEAM ENGINE. By Dr. Ernst] Alban. Translated from the German, with Notes, by Dr. Pole, F.R.S. Plates, 8vo, 16s. 6d. cloth.

Steam Boilers

A TREATISE ON STEAM BOILERS : their Strength, Con-struction, and Economical Working. By R. Wilson, C.E. Fifth Edition. 12mo, 6s. cloth.

"The best work on boilers which has come under our notice." - Engineering.

" The best treatise that has ever been published on steam boilers." - Engineer.


THE HANDBOOK OF MECHANICS. By Dionysius Lardner, D.C.L. New Edition, Edited and considerably En-larged, by Benjamin Loewy, F.R..A.S., etc, post 8vo, 6s. cloth.