Engineer. Practical Tunnelling

PRACTICAL TUNNELLING : Explaining in detail the Setting out of the Works, Shaft-sinking and Heading-Driving, Ranging the Lines and Levelling under Ground, Sub-Excavating, Timbering, and the Construction of the Brickwork of Tunnels with the amount of labour required for, and the Cost of, the various portions of the work. By F. W. SIMMS, M. Inst. C.E. Third Edition, Revised and Extended. By D. Kinnear Clark, M.I.C.E. Imp. 8vo, with 21 Folding Plates and numerous Wood Engravings, 30s. cloth. " It has been regarded from the first as a text-book of the subject. . . . Mr. Clark has added immensely to the value of the book." - Engineer.


STEAM AND THE STEAM ENGINE, Stationary and Portable. Being an Extension of Sewell's Treatise on Steam. By D. Kinnear Clark, M.I.C.E. Second Edition. 12 mo, 4s. cloth.

CIVIL And Hydraulic Engineering

CIVIL ENGINEERING. By Henry Law, M. Inst. C.E. Including a Treatise on Hydraulic Engineering, by George R. Burnell, M.I.C.E. Sixth Edition, Revised, with large additions on Recent Practice in Civil Engineering, by D. Kinnear Clark, M. Inst. C.E. 12mo, 7s. 6d., cloth boards.


COMMON SENSE FOR GAS-USERS: a Catechism of Gas-Lighting for Householders, Gasfitters, Millowners, Architects, Engineers, etc. By R. Wilson, C.E. 2nd Edition. Cr. 8vo, 2s. 6d.

Bridge Construction in Masonry\ Timber, & Iron.

EXAMPLES OF BRIDGE AND VIADUCT CONSTRUCTION IN MASONRY, TIMBER, AND IRON; consisting of 46 Plates from the Contract Drawings or Admeasurement of select Works. By W. Davis Haskoll, C.E. Second Edition, with the addition of 554 Estimates, and the Practice of Setting out Works, with 6 pages of Diagrams. Imp. 4to, 2 l. 12s. 6d. half-morocco. "A work of the present nature by a man of Mr. Haskoll's experience, must prove Invaluable. The tables of estimates considerably enhance its value." - Engineering.


EARTHWORK TABLES, showing the Contents in Cubic Yards of Embankments, Cuttings, etc, of Heights or Depths up to an average of 80 feet. By Joseph Broadbent, C.E., and Francis Campin, C.E. Cr, 8vo, oblong, 5s. cloth.

Tramways And Their Working


With Special Reference to the Tramways of the United Kingdom. By D. Kinnear Clark, M.I.C.E. Supplementary Volume; recording the Progress recently made in the Design and Construction of Tramways, and in the Means of Locomotion by Mechanical Power. With Wood Engravings. 8vo, 125. cloth.

Tramways And Their Working

TRAMWAYS : their CONSTRUCTION and WORKING. By D. Kinnear Clark, M. Inst. C. E. With Wood Engravings, and thirteen folding Plates. The Complete Work, in 2 vols., Large Crown 8vo, 30s. cloth. " All interested in tramways must refer to it, as all railway engineers have turned to the author's work ' Railway Machinery.'" - The Engineer.

Pioneer Engineering

PIONEER ENGINEERING. A Treatise on the Engineering Operations connected with the Settlement of Waste Lands in New Countries. By Edward Dobson, A.I.C.E. With Plates and Wood Engravings. Revised Edition. 12mo, 5s. cloth. " A workmanlike production, and one without possession of which no man should start to encounter the duties of a pioneer engineer." - Athenaeitm.