Mathematical And Nautical Tables

MATHEMATICAL TABLES, for Trigonometrical, Astronomical and Nautical Calculations; to which is prefixed a Treatise on Logarithms. By Henry Law, C.E. Together with a Series of Tables for Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. By J. R. Young, formerly Professor of Mathematics in Belfast College. New Edition. 12mo, 4.s. cloth boards.

Navigation (Practical), with Tables.

PRACTICAL NAVIGATION : consisting of the Sailor's Sea-Book, by James Greenwood and W. H. Rosser ; together with the requisite Mathematical and Nautical Tables for the Working of the Problems. By Henry Law, C.E., and Professor J. R. Young. Illustrated with numerous Wood Engravings and Coloured Plates, 12mo, 7s. strongly half bound in leather.

Weale's Rudimentary Series

The following books in Naval Architecture, etc., arc published in the above scries.


Robert Kipping, N.A. Fourteenth Edition. 12mo, 2s. 6d. cloth. SAILS AND SAIL-MAKING. Tenth Edition, enlarged. By

Robert Kipping, N.A. Illustrated. 12mo, 3s. cloth boards. NAVAL ARCHITECTURE. By JAMES Peake. Fourth Edition, with Plates and Diagrams. l2mo, 4s. cloth boards. MARINE ENGINES, AND STEAM VESSELS. By Robert

Murray, C.E. Seventh Edition. 12mo, 3s, 6d. cloth boards.


THE SCIENCE of BUILDING : An Elementary Treatise on the Principles of Construction. By E. Wyndham Tarn, M.A., Architect. With 58 Wood Engravings. Second Edition, revised and enlarged, including an entirely new chapter on the Nature of Lightning, and the Means of Protecting Buildings from its Violence. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. cloth.

" A very valuable book, which we strongly recommend to all students." - Builder.

" No architectural student should be without this hand-book." - Architect.

CIVIL And Ecclesiastical Building

A BOOK ON BUILDING, CIVIL AND ECCLESIASTICAL, Including Church Restoration. By Sir Edmund Beckett, Bart., LL.D., Q.C., F.R.A.S. Author of "Clocks and Watches and Bells," etc. l2mo, 5s. cloth boards. "A book which is always amusing and nearly always instructive. We are able very cordially to recommend all persons to read it for themselves. " - Times.

" We commend the book to the thoughtful consideration of all who are interested in the building art." - Builder.

Villa Architecture

A HANDY BOOK of VILLA ARCHITECTURE; being a Series of Designs for Villa Residences in various Styles. With Detailed Specifications and Estimates. By C. Wickes, Architect, Author of "The Spires and Towers of the Mediaeval Churches of England," etc. 30 Plates, 4to, half morocco, gilt edges, 1l. 1s. Also an Enlarged edition of the above. 61 Plates, with Detailed Specifications, Estimates, etc. 2/. 2s. half morocco.

Useful Text-Book For Architects

THE ARCHITECT'S GUIDE : Being a Text-book of Useful Information for Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Contractors, Clerks of Works, etc. By F. Rogers. Cr. 8vo, 6s. cloth.

"As a text-book of useful information for architects, engineers, surveyors, etc, it would be hard to find a handier or more complete little volume." - Standard.