Pocket Book for Naval Architects & Shipbuilders,

THE NAVAL ARCHITECT'S AND SHIPBUILDER'S POCKET BOOK OF FORMULĘ, RULES, AND TABLES AND MARINE ENGINEER'S AND SURVEYOR'S HANDY BOOK OF REFERENCE. By Clement Mackrow, M. Inst. N. A., Naval Draughtsman. Second Edition, revised. With numerous Diagrams. Fcap., 12s. 6d., strongly bound in leather. " Should be used by all who are engaged in the construction or design of vessels." - Engineer.

" There is scarcely a subject on which a naval architect or shipbuilder can require to refresh his memory which will not be found within the covers of Mr. Mackrow's book." - English Mechanic.

"Mr. Mackrow has compressed an extraordinary amount of information into this useful volume." - Athenaeum.

Grantham's Iron Ship-Building

ON IRON SHIP-BUILDING ; with Practical Examples and Details. Fifth Edition. Imp. 4 to, boards, enlarged from 24 to 40 Plates (21 quite new), including the latest Examples. Together with separate Text, also considerably enlarged, 12mo, cloth limp. By John Grantham, M. Inst. C.E., etc. 2/. 2s. complete.

" Mr. Grantham's work is of great interest. It will, we are confident, command an extensive circulation among shipbuilders in general. By order of the Board of Admiralty, the work will form the text-book on which the examination in iron ship-building of candidates for promotion in the dockyards will be mainly based." - Engineering.

Pocket-Book for Marine Engineers,

A POCKET-BOOK OF USEFUL TABLES AND FORMULĘ FOR MARINE ENGINEERS. By Frank Proctor, A.I.N.A. Third Edition. Royal 32mo, leather, gilt edges, 4s.

"A most useful companion to all marine engineers." - United Service Gazette.

" Scarcely anything required by a naval engineer appears to have been forgotten." - Iron.


EUROPEAN LIGHT-HOUSE SYSTEMS ; being a Report of a Tour of Inspection made in 1873. By Major George II. Elliot, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A. Illustrated by 51 Engravings and 31 Woodcuts in the Text. 8vo, 21s. cloth.

Surveying (Land and Marine).

LAND AND MARINE SURVEYING, in Reference to the Preparation of Plans for Roads and Railways, Canals, Rivers, Towns' Water Supplies, Docks and Harbours ; with Description and Use of Surveying Instruments. By W. Davis Haskoll, C.E. With 14 folding Plates, and numerous Woodcuts. 8vo, 12s. 6d. cloth.

"A most useful and well arranged book for the aid of a student" - Builder.

"Of the utmost practical utility, and may be safely recommended to all students who aspire to become clean and expert surveyors." - Mining Journal.


STORMS : their Nature, Classification, and Laws, with the Means of Predicting them by their Embodiments, the Clouds. By William Blasius. Crown 8vo, 10s. 6d. cloth boards.

Rudimentary Navigation

THE SAILOR'S SEA-BOOK: a Rudimentary Treatise on Navigation. By James Greenwood, B. A. New and enlarged edition. By W. H. Rosser. 12mo, 3s. cloth boards.