Roads And Streets

THE CONSTRUCTION OF ROADS AND STREETS. In Two Parts. I. The Art of Constructing Common Roads. By Henry Law, C.E. Revised and Condensed. II. Recent Practice in the Construction of Roads and Streets : including Pavements of Stone, Wood, and Asphalte. By D. Kinnear Clark, C.E., M.I.C.E. Second Edit., revised. 12mo, 5s. cloth. " A book which every borough surveyor and engineer must possess, and which will be of considerable service to architects, builders, and property owners generally." -

Building News


Sewing Machine {The).

SEWING MACHINERY; being a Practical Manual of the Sewing Machine, comprising its History and Details of its Construction, with full Technical Directions for the Adjusting of Sewing Machines. By J. W. Urquhart, Author of "Electro Plating: a Practical Manual;" "Electric Light: its Production and Use." With Numerous Illustrations. 12mo, 2s. 6d. cloth.

Field-Book For Engineers

THE ENGINEER'S, MINING SURVEYOR'S, and CONTRACTOR'S FIELD-BOOK. By W. Davis Haskoll, C.E. Consisting of a Series of Tables, with Rules, Explanations of Systems, and Use of Theodolite for Traverse Surveying and Plotting the Work with minute accuracy by means of Straight Edge and Set Square only; Levelling with the Theodolite, Casting out and Reducing Levels to Datum, and Plotting Sections in the ordinary manner; Setting out Curves with the Theodolite by Tangential Angles and Multiples with Right and Left-hand Readings of the Instrument; Setting out Curves without Theodolite on the System of Tangential Angles by Sets of Tangents and Offsets; and Earthwork Tables to 80 feet deep, calculated for every 6 inches in depth. With numerous Woodcuts. 4th Edition, enlarged. Cr. 8vo. 12s. cloth. "The book is very handy, and the author might have added that the separate tables of sines and tangents to every minute will make it useful for many other purposes, the genuine traverse tables existing all the same." - Athenaeum.

" Cannot fail, from its portability and utility, to be extensively patronised by the engineering profession."' - Mining Journal.

Earthwork, Measurement and Calculation of.

A MANUAL on EARTHWORK. By Alex. J. S. Graham, C.E., Resident Engineer, Forest of Dean Central Railway. With numerous Diagrams. 18mo, 2s. 6d. cloth. "Asa really handy book for reference, we know of no work equal to it; and the railway engineers and others employed in the measurement and calculation of earthwork will find a great amount of practical information very admirably arranged, and available for general or rough estimates, as well as for the more exact calculations required in the engineers' contractor's offices." - Artizan.

Drawing for Engineers, etc.

THE WORKMAN'S MANUAL OF ENGINEERING DRAWING. By John Maxton, Instructor in Engineering Drawing, Royal Naval College, Greenwich, formerly of R. S. N. A., South Kensington. Fourth Edition, carefully revised. With upwards of 300 Plates and Diagrams. 12mo, cloth, strongly bound, 4s.

" A copy of it should be kept for reference in every drawing office." - Engineering.

" Indispensable for teachers of engineering drawing." - Mechanics' Magazine.

Weales Dictionary Of Terms

A DICTIONARY of TERMS used in ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING, ENGINEERING, MINING, METALLURGY, ARCH∆OLOGY, the FINE ARTS, etc. By John Weale. Fifth Edition, revised by Robert Hunt, F.R.S., Keeper of Mining Records, Editor of " Ure's Dictionary of Arts." 12mo, 6s. cl. bds.

" The best small technological dictionary in the language." - Architect.

" The absolute accuracy of a work of this character can only be judged of after extensive consultation, and from our examination it appears very correct and very complete." - Mining Journal,