Large Tunnel Shafts

THE CONSTRUCTION OF LARGE TUNNEL SHAFTS. A Practical and Theoretical Essay. By J. H. Watson Buck, M. Inst. C.E., Resident Engineer, London and North-Western Railway. Illustrated with Folding Plates. Royal 8vo, \2s. cloth. " Many of the methods given are of extreme practical value to the mason, and the observations on the form of arch, the rules for ordering the stone, and the construction of the templates, will be found of considerable use. We commend the book to the engineering profession, and to all who have to build similar shafts." - Building News.

"Will be regarded by civil engineers as of the utmost value, and calculated to save much time and obviate many mistakes." - Colliery Guardian.

Survey Practice

AID TO SURVEY PRACTICE : for Reference in Surveying,

Levelling, Setting-out and in Route Surveys of Travellers by Land and Sea. With Tables, Illustrations, and Records. By Lowis

D'A. Jackson, A.-M.I.C.E. Author of "Hydraulic Manual and

Statistics," etc. Large crown 8vo, \2s. 6d., cloth.

" Mr. Jackson has produced a valuable vade-mecum for the surveyor. We can recommend this book as containing an admirable supplement to the teaching of the accomplished surveyor." - Athenaeum.

" A general text book was wanted, and we are able to speak with confidence of Mr. Jackson's treatise. . . . We cannot recommend to the student who knows something of the mathematical principles of the subject a better course than to fortify his practice in the field under a competent surveyor with a study of Mr. Jackson's useful manual. The field records illustrate every kind of survey, and will be found an essential aid to the student." - Building News.

" The author brings to his work a fortunate union of theory and practical experience which, aided by a clear and lucid style of writing, renders the book both a very useful one and very agreeable to read." - Builder.

Sanitary Work

SANITARY WORK IN THE SMALLER TOWNS AND IN VILLAGES. Comprising : - I. Some of the more Common Forms of Nuisance and their Remedies ; 2. Drainage; 3. Water Supply. By Chas. Slagg, Assoc. Inst. C.E. Crown 8vo, 3s. cloth. "A very useful book, and may be safely recommended. The author has had practical experience in the works of which he treats." - Builder.


LOCOMOTIVE ENGINES, A Rudimentary Treatise on. Com-prising an Historical Sketch and Description of the Locomotive Engine. By G. D. Dempsey, C.E. With large additions treating of the Modern Locomotive, by D. Kinnear Clark, C.E., M.I.C.E., Author of "Tramways, their Construction and Working," etc, etc. With numerous Illustrations. 12mo. 3s. 6d. cloth boards. " The student cannot fail to profit largely by adopting this as his preliminary textbook." - Iron and Coal Trades Review.

" Seems a model of what an elementary technical book should be." - Academy.

Fuels And Their Economy

FUEL, its Combustion and Economy; consisting of an Abridgment of "A Treatise on the Combustion of Coal and the Prevention of Smoke." By C. W. Williams, A.I.C.E. With extensive additions on Recent Practice in the Combustion and Economy of Fuel - Coal, Coke, Wood, Peat, Petroleum, etc. ; by D. Kinnear Clark, C.E., M.I.C.E. Second Edition, revised. With numerous Illustrations. 12mo. 4s. cloth boards. " Students should buy the book and read it, as one of the most complete and satisfactory treatises on the combustion and economy of fuel to be had." - Engineer.