THE STRAINS ON STRUCTURES OF IRONWORK; with Practical Remarks on Iron Construction. By F. W. SHEILDS,

M. Inst. C.E. Second Edition, with 5 Plates. Royal 8vo, 5s. cloth.

"The student cannot find a better book on this subject than Mr.Sheilds'."-Engineer,

Barlow on the Strength of Materials, enlarged.

A TREATISE ON THE STRENGTH OF MATERIALS, with Rules for application in Architecture, the Construction of Suspension Bridges, Railways, etc.; and an Appendix on the Power of Locomotive Engines, and the effect of Inclined Planes and Gradients. By Peter Barlow, F.R.S. A New Edition, revised by his Sons, P. W. Barlow, F.R.S., and W. H. Barlow, F.R.S. The whole arranged and edited by W. Humber, A-M. Inst. C.E. 8vo, 400 pp., with 19 large Plates, i8s. cloth. "The standard treatise upon this particular subject."- Engineer.

Strength of Cast Iron, etc.

A PRACTICAL ESSAY on the STRENGTH of CAST IRON and OTHER METALS. By T. Tredgold, C.E. 5th Edition. To which are added, Experimental Researches on the Strength, etc, of Cast Iron, by E. Hodgkinson, F.R.S. 8vo, 12s. cloth.

*** Hodgkinson's Researches, separate, price 6s.


HYDRAULIC TABLES, CO-EFFICIENTS, and FORMULAE for finding the Discharge of Water from Orifices, Notches, Weirs, Pipes, and Rivers. With New Formulae, Tables, and General Information on Rain-fall, Catchment-Basins, Drainage, Sewerage, Water Supply for Towns and Mill Power. By John Neville, Civil Engineer, M.R.I.A. Third Edition, carefully revised, with considerable Additions. Numerous Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, 14s. cloth.

"Undoubtedly an exceedingly useful and elaborate compilation."- Iron.

" Alike valuable to students and engineers in practice."- Mining Journal.

River Engineering

RIVER BARS : Notes on the Causes of their Formation, and on their Treatment by ' Induced Tidal Scour,' with a Description of the Successful Reduction by this Method of the Bar at Dublin. By I. J. Mann. Assistant Engineer to the Dublin Port and Docks Board. With Illustrations. Royal 8vo. 7s. 6d. cloth.


HYDRAULIC MANUAL. Consisting of Working Tables and Explanatory Text. Intended as a Guide in Hydraulic Calculations and Field Operations. By Lowis D'A. Jackson. Fourth Edition. Rewritten and Enlarged. Large Crown 8vo. [In the press.



LEVELLING; showing its Application to Purposes of Railway and Civil Engineering, in the Construction of Roads ; with Mr.

Telford's Rules for the same. By Frederick W. Simms,

F.G.S., M. Inst. C.E. Sixth Edition, very carefully revised, with the addition of Mr. Law's Practical Examples for Setting out

Railway Curves, and Mr. Trautwine's Field Practice of Laying out Circular Curves. With 7 Plates and numerous Woodcuts. 8vo,

8s. 6d. cloth. *** Trautwine on Curves, separate, 5.C

" The text-book on levelling in most of our engineering schools and colleges." -