51. NAVAL ARCHITECTURE, the Rudiments of; or an Exposi-tion of the Elementary Principles of the Science, and their Practical Application to Naval Construction. Compiled for the Use of Beginners. By James Peake, School of Naval Architecture, H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth. Fourth Edition, corrected, with Plates and Diagrams. 3s. 6d # 53*. SHIPS FOR OCEAN AND RIVER SERVICE, Elementary and Practical Principles of the Construction of. By Hakon A. Sommer-feldt, Surveyor of the Royal Norwegian Navy. With an Appendix, Is. 6d. 53**. AN ATLAS OF ENGRAVINGS to Illustrate the above. Twelve large folding plates. Royal 4to, cloth. 7s. 6d.


Rudimentary Treatise on. Also Tables of Spars, Rigging, Blocks ; Chain, Wire, and Hemp Ropes, etc, relative to every class of vessels. With an Appendix of Dimensions of Masts and Yards of the Royal Navy. By Robert Kipping, N.A. Fourteenth Edition. Illustrated. 2s.% 54*. IRON SHIP-BUILDING. With Practical Examples and Details for the Use of Ship Owners and Ship Builders. By John Grantham, Consulting Engineer and Naval Architect. 5th Edition, with Additions. 4s. 54**. AN ATLAS OF FORTY PLATES to Illustrate the above. Fifth Edition. Including the latest Examples, such as H.M. Steam Frigates "Warrior," "Hercules," "Bellerophon;" H.M. Troop Ship "Serapis," Iron Floating Dock, etc, etc. 4to, boards. 38s.

55. THE SAILOR'S SEA BOOK: a Rudimentary Treatise on

Navigation. Part I. How to Keep the Log and Work it off. Part II. On Finding the Latitude and Longitude. By James Greenwood, B.A. To which are added, the Deviation and Error of the Compass; Great Circle Sailing; the International (Commercial) Code of Signals; the Rule of the Road at Sea; Rocket and Mortar Apparatus for Saving Life; the Law of Storms ; and a Brief Dictionary of Sea Terms. With numerous Woodcuts and Coloured Plates of Flags. New, thoroughly revised and much enlarged edition. By W. H. Rosser. 2s. 6d. # 80. MARINE ENGINES, AND STEAM VESSELS, a. Treatise on. Together with Practical Remarks on the Screw and Propelling Power, as used in the Royal and Merchant Navy. By Robert Murray, C.E., Engineer-Surveyor to the Board of Trade. With a Glossary of Technical Terms, and their Equivalents in French, German, and Spanish. Seventh Edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrated. 3s. #

83bis. THE FORMS OF SHIPS AND BOATS: Hints, Experiment-ally Derived, on some of the Principles regulating Ship-building. By W. Bland. Seventh Edition, revised,with numerous Illustrations and Models.Is.6d.

99. NAVIGATION AND NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY, in Theory and Practice. With Attempts to facilitate the Finding of the Time and the Longitude at Sea. By J. R. Young, formerly Professor of Mathematics in Belfast College. Illustrated. 2s. 6d. 100*. TABLES intended to facilitate the Operations of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, as an Accompaniment to the above Book. By J. R. Young, is. 6d.

106. SHIPS' ANCHORS, a Treatise on. By G. Cotsell, N.A. Is. 6d.

149. SAILS AND SAIL-MAKING, an Elementary Treatise on. With Draughting, and the Centre of Effort of the Sails. Also, Weights and Sizes of Ropes ; Masting, Rigging, and Sails of Steam Vessels, etc, etc. Eleventh Edition, enlarged, with an Appendix. By Robert Kipping, N.A., Sailmaker, Quayside, Newcastle. Illustrated. 2s. 6d. #


MERCANTILE NAVIES. By a Practical Engineer. Revised by D.

F. M'Carthy, late of the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton. 3s.

55 PRACTICAL NAVIGATION. Consisting of The Sailor's

& Sea-Book. By James Greenwood and W. H. Rosser. Together with

. the requisite Mathematical and Nautical Tables for the Working of the

204. Problems. By Henry Law, C.E., and J. R. Young, formerly Professor of Mathematics in Belfast College. Illustrated with numerous Wood Engravings and Coloured Plates. 7s. Strongly half-bound in leather.

The % indicates that these vols, may be had strongly bound at 6d. extra.