Adapted to the Requirements of the New Code. Edited by the Rev. A. R. Grant, Rector of Hitcham, and Honorary Canon of Ely; formerly H.M. Inspector of Schools.

Introductory Primer, 3d.



First Standard .



Second „ .








Fourth Standard



Fifth „ ...



Sixth ., ...



Lessons from the Bible. Part I. Old Testament, Is.

Lessons from the Bible. Part II. New Testament, to which is added

The Geography of the Bible, for very young: Children. By Rev. C.

Thornton Forster. Is. 2d. *** Or the Two Parts in One Volume. 2s,

7, stationers' hall court, ludgate hill, e.c.

14 weaLe's educational and classical series.


24. French Grammar. With Complete and Concise Rules on the

Genders of French Nouns. By G. L. Strauss, Ph.D. Is. 6d

25. French-English Dictionary. Comprising a large number of

New Terms used in Engineering, Mining, etc. By Alfred Elwes. is 6d-

26. English-French Dictionary. By Alfred Elwes. 2s. 25,26. French Dictionary (as above). Complete, in One Vol., 3s.; cloth boards, 3s. 6d. *** Or with the Grammar, cloth boards, 4s. 6d.

47. French and English Phrase Book : containing Introductory Lessons, with Translations, several Vocabularies of Words, a Collection of suitable Phrases, and Easy Familiar Dialogues, s. 6d.


39. German Grammar. Adapted for English Students, from

Heyse's Theoretical and Practical Grammar, by Dr. G. L. Strauss, is.

40. German Reader: A Series of Extracts, carefully culled from'the most approved Authors of Germany; with Notes, Philological and Explanatory. By G. L. Strauss, Ph.D. Is.

41-43. German Triglot Dictionary. By Nicholas Esterhazy

S. A. Hamilton. In Three Parts. Part I. German-French-English. Part II. English-German-French. Part III. French-German-English. 3s., or cloth boards, 4s.

41-43 German Triglot Dictionary (as above), together with German

& 39. Grammar (No. 39), in One Volume, cloth boards, 5s.


27. Italian Grammar, arranged in Twenty Lessons, with a Course of Exercises. By Alfred Elwes. is. 6d.

28. Italian Triglot Dictionary, wherein the Genders of all the

Italian and French Nouns are carefully noted down. By Alfred Elwes. Vol.1. Italian-English-French. 2s. 6d.

30. Italian Triglot Dictionary. By A. Elwes. Vol. 2.

English-French-Italian. 2s. 6d.

32. Italian Triglot Dictionary. By Alfred Elwes. Vol. 3.

French-Italian-English. 2s. 6d.

28,30, Italian Triglot Dictionary (as above). In One Vol., 7s. 6d.

32. Cloth boards.

Spanish And Portuguese

34. Spanish Grammar, in a Simple and Practical Form. With a Course of Exercises. By Alfred Elwes. is. 6d.

35. Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionary.

Including a large number of Technical Terms used in Mining, Engineering, etc, with the proper Accents and the Gender of every Noun. By Alfred Elwes. 4s. ; cloth boards, 5s. *** Or with the Grammar, cloth boards, 6s.

55. Portuguese Grammar, in a Simple and Practical Form.

With a Course of Exercises. By Alfred Elwks. is. 6d.

56. Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese Dictionary, with the Genders of each Noun. By Alfred Elwes.

[In preparation.


46*. Hebrew Grammar. By Dr. Bresslau. is. 6d. 44. Hebrew and English Dictionary, Biblical and Rabbinical; containing the Hebrew and Chaldee Roots of the Old Testament Post-Rabbinical Writings. By Dr. Bresslau. 6s.

46. English and Hebrew Dictionary. By Dr. Bresslau. 3s. 14,46. Hebrew Dictionary (as above), in Two Vols., complete, with

46*. the Grammar, cloth boards, 12s.


Weale's educational and classical series. 15