THE ACTION of LIGHTNING, and the MEANS of DEFENDING LIFE AND PROPERTY FROM ITS EFFECTS. By Arthur Parnell, Major in the Corps of Royal Engineers. I2mo, 7s. 6d. cloth. [Fust published.

" Major Parnell has written an original work on a scientific subject of unusual interest ; and he has prefaced his arguments by a patient and almost exhaustive citation off the best writers on the subject in the English language." - Athenaeum. " The work comprises all that is actually known on the subject." - Land. " Major Parnell's measures are based on the results of experience. A valuable repertoire of facts and principles arranged in a scientific form.' - Building News,

The Alkali Trade - Sulphuric Acid, etc.

A MANUAL OF THE ALKALI TRADE, including the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid, Sulphate of Soda, and Bleaching Powder. By John Lomas, Alkali Manufacturer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London. With 232 Illustrations and Working Drawings, and containing 386 pages of text. Super-royal 8vo, 2 l. 12 s. 6d. cloth.

This work Provides (I) a Complete Handbook for intending Alkali and Sulphuric Acid Manufacturers, and for those already in the field who desire to improve their plant, or to become practically acquainted with the latest processes and developments of the trade ; (2) a Handy Volume which Manufacturers can put into the hands of their Managers and Foremen as a useful guide in their daily rounds of duty.

Synopsis Of Contents

Chap. I. Choice of Site and General Plan of Works - II. Sulphuric Acid - III. Recovery of the Nitrogen Compounds, and Treatment of Small Pyrites - IV. The Salt Cake Process - V. Legislation upon the. Noxious Vapours Question - VI. The Hargreaves' and Jones' Processes - VII. The Balling Process - VIII. Lixiviation and Salting Down -

IX. Carbonating or Finishing - X. Soda Crystals - XI. Refined Alkali - XII. Caustic Soda - XIII. Bi-carbonate of Soda - XIV. Bleaching Powder - XV. Utilisation of Tank Waste - XVI. General Remarks - Four Appendices, treating of Yields, Sulphuric Acid Calculations, Anemometers, and Foreign Legislation upon the Noxious Vapours Question.

"The author has given the fullest, most practical, and, to all concerned in the alkali trade, most valuable mass of information that, to our knowledge, has been published in any language." - Engitieer.

" This book is written by a manufacturer for manufacturers. The working details of the most approved forms of apparatus are given, and these are accompanied by no less than 232 wood engravings, all of which may be used for the purposes of construction. Every step in the manufacture is very fully described in this manual, and each improvement explained. Everything which tends to introduce economy into the technical details of this trade receives the fullest attention. The book has been produced with great completeness." - Athenaeum.

"The author is not one of those clever compilers who, on short notice, will 'read up' any conceivable subject, but a practical man in the best sense of the word. We find here not merely a sound and luminous explanation of the chemical principles of the trade, but a notice of numerous matters which have a most important bearing on the successful conduct of alkali works, but which are generally overlooked by even the most experienced technological authors. This most valuable book, which we trust will be generally appreciated, we must pronounce a credit alike to its author and to the enterprising firm who have undertaken its publication," - Chemical Kevietu.