Chemical Analysis

THE COMMERCIAL HANDBOOK of CHEMICAL ANA-LYSIS ; or Practical Instructions for the determination of the Intrinsic or Commercial Value of Substances used in Manufactures, in Trades, and in the Arts. By A. Normandy, Author of " Practical Introduction to Rose's Chemistry," and Editor of Rose's "Treatise on Chemical Analysis." New Edition. Enlarged, and to a great extent re-written, by Henry M. Noad, Ph. D., F.R.S. With numerous Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, 12s. 6d. cloth.

"We recommend this book to the careful perusal of every one; it may be truly affirmed to be of universal interest, and we strongly recommend it to our readers as a guide, alike indispensable to the housewife as to the pharmaceutical practitioner." - Medical Times.

" Essential to the analysts appointed under the new Act. The most recent results are given, and the work is well edited and carefully written." - Nature,

Dr. Lardners Museum of Science and Art.

THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND ART. Edited by Dionysius Lardner, D.C.L., formerly Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in University College, London. With upwards of 1200 Engravings on Wood. In 6 Double Volumes. Price 1 Is., in a new and elegant cloth binding, or handsomely bound in half morocco, 31s. 6d.

Opinions Of The Press

"This series, besides affording popular but sound instruction on scientific subjects, with which the humblest man in the country ought to be acquainted, also undertakes that teaching of 'common things' which every well-wisher of his kind is anxious to promote. Many thousand copies of this serviceable publication have been printed, in the belief and hope that the desire for instruction and improvement widely prevails ; and we have no fear that such enlightened faith will meet with disappointment. " - Times.

"A cheap and interesting publication, alike informing and attractive. The papers combine subjects of importance and great scientific knowledge, considerable inductive powers, and a popular style of treatment." - Spectator.

"The 'Museum of Science and Art' is the most valuable contribution that has ver been made to the Scientific Instruction of every class of society." - Sir David Brewster in the North British Revieiv.

"Whether we consider the liberality and beauty of the illustrations, the charm of the writing, or the durable interest of the matter, we must express our belief that there is hardly to be found among the new books, one that would be welcomed by people of so many ages and classes as a valuable present." - Examiner.

*** Separate boohs formed from the above, suitable for Workmen's Libraries, Science Classes, etc.

COMMON THINGS EXPLAINED. Containing Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Time, Man, the Eye, Locomotion, Colour, Clocks and Watches, etc. 233 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 5s.

THE MICROSCOPE. Containing Optical Images, Magnifying Glasses, Origin and Description of the Microscope, Microscopic Objects, the Solar Microscope, Microscopic Drawing and Engraving, etc. 147 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 2s.

POPULAR GEOLOGY. Containing Earthquakes and Volcanoes, the Crust of the Earth, etc. 201 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 2s. 6d.

POPULAR PHYSICS. Containing Magnitude and Minuteness, the Atmosphere, Meteoric Stones, Popular Fallacies, Weather Prognostics, the Thermometer, the Barometer, Sound, etc. 85 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 2.s. 6d.

STEAM AND ITS USES. Including the Steam Engine, the Lo-comotive, and Steam Navigation. 89 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 2s.

POPULAR ASTRONOMY. Containing How to Observe the Heavens. The Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets. Light, Comets, Eclipses, Astronomical Influences, etc. 182 Illustrations, 4s. 6d.

THE BEE AND WHITE ANTS : Their Manners and Habits. With Illustrations of Animal Instinct and Intelligence. 135 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 2s.

THE ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH POPULARISED. To render intelligible to all who can Read, irrespective of any previous Scientific Acquirements, the various forms of Telegraphy in Actual Operation. 100 Illustrations, cloth gilt, is. 6d.

Dr. Lardner's Handbooks of Natural Philosophy.

*** The following five volumes, though each is Complete in itself, and to be pnr-chased separately, form A Complete Course of Natural Philosophy, and are intended for the general reader who desires to attain accurate knowledge of the various departments of Physical Science, without pursuing them according to the more profound methods of mathematical investigation. The style is studiously popular. It has been the author's aim to supply Manuals such as are required by the Student, the Engineer, the Artisan, and the superior classes in Schools.

THE HANDBOOK OF MECHANICS. Enlarged and almost rewritten by Benjamin Loewy, F.R.A.S. With 378 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 6s. cloth.

"The perspicuity of the original has been retained, and chapters which had become obsolete, have been replaced by others of more modern character. The explanations throughout are studiously popular, and care has been taken to show the application of the various branches of physics to the industrial arts, and to the practical business of life." - Mining Journal.

THE HANDBOOK of HYDROSTATICS and PNEUMATICS. New Edition, Revised and Enlarged by Benjamin Loewy, F.R.A.S. With 236 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 5s. cloth. "For those ' who desire to attain an accurate knowledge of physical science without the profound methods of mathematical investigation,' this work is not merely intended, but well adapted." - Chemical News.

THE HANDBOOK OF HEAT. Edited and almost entirely Rewritten by Benjamin Loewy, F.R.A.S., etc. 117 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 6s. cloth.

" The style is always clear and precise, and conveys instruction without leaving any cloudiness or lurking doubts behind." - Engineering.

THE HANDBOOK OF OPTICS. New Edition. Edited by T. Olver Harding, B.A. 298 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 5s. cloth.

"Written by one of the ablest English scientific writers, beautifully and elaborately illustrated." - Mechanics' Magazine.


ACOUSTICS. New Edition. Edited by Geo. Carey Foster,

B.A., F.C.S. With 400 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 5s. cloth.

" The book could not have been entrusted to any one better calculated to preserve the terse and lucid style of Lardner, while correcting his errors and bringing up his work to the present state of scientific knowledge." - Popular Science Review.

Dr. Lardner s Handbook of Astronomy.

THE HANDBOOK OF ASTRONOMY. Forming a Com-panion to the " Handbooks of Natural Philosophy." By Diony-sius Lardner, D.C.L. Fourth Edition. Revised and Edited by Edwin Dunkin, F.R.S., Royal Observatory, Greenwich. With 38 Plates and upwards of 100 Woodcuts. In 1 vol., small 8vo, 550 pages, 9s. 6d., cloth. "Probably no other book contains the same amount of information in so compendious and well-arranged a form - certainly none at the price at which this is offered to the public." - A thencentn.

" We can do no other than pronounce this work a most valuable manual of astronomy, and we strongly recommend it to all who wish to acquire a general - but at the same time correct - acquaintance with this sublime science." - Quarterly Journal of Science.

Dr. Lardner' s Handbook of Animal Physics.

THE HANDBOOK OF ANIMAL PHYSICS. By Dr. Lardner. With 520 Illustrations. New edition, small 8vo, cloth, 732 pages, 7s. 6d. "We have no hesitation in cordially recommending it,." - Educational Times.

Dr. Lardner's School Handbooks.


328 Illustrations. Sixth Edition. I vol. 3s. 6d. cloth. "Conveys, in clear and precise terms, general notions of all the principal divisions of Physical Science." - British Quarterly Review.


With 190 Illustrations. Second Edition. I vol. 3s. 6d. cloth. "Clearly written,well arranged, and excellently illustrated." - Gardeners' Chronicle.

Dr. Lardner' s Electric Telegraph.

THE ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. By Dr. Lardner. New Edition. Revised and Re-written, by E. B. Bright, F.R. A. S. 140 Illustrations. Small 8vo, 2s. 6d. cloth, "One of the most readable books extant on the Electric Telegraph."- Eng. Mechanic.