A MANUAL OF THE MOLLUSCA ; being a Treatise on Recent and Fossil Shells. By Dr. S. P. Woodward, A.L.S. With Appendix by Ralph Tate, A.L.S., F.G.S. With numerous Plates and 300 Woodcuts. 3rd Edition. Cr. 8vo, 7s. 6d. cloth.

Geology And Genesis

THE TWIN RECORDS OF CREATION ; or, Geology and Genesis, their Perfect Harmony and Wonderful Concord. By George W. Victor le Vaux. Fcap. Svo, 5.s. cloth.

" A valuable contribution to the evidences of revelation, and disposes very conclusively of the arguments of those who would set God's Works against God's Word. No real difficulty is shirked, and no sophistry is left unexposed." - The Rock.

Science And Scripture

SCIENCE ELUCIDATIVE OF SCRIPTURE, AND NOT ANTAGONISTIC TO IT; being a Series of Essays on - 1. Alleged Discrepancies ; 2. The Theory of the Geologists and Figure of the Earth ; 3. The Mosaic Cosmogony; 4. Miracles in genera - Views of Hume and Powell; 5. The Miracle of Joshua- Views of Dr. Colenso, etc. By Prof. J. R. Young. Fcap. 5s. cloth.


A CLASS-BOOK OF GEOLOGY: Consisting of "Physical Geology," which sets forth the Leading Principles of the Science ; and "Historical Geology," which treats of the Mineral and Organic Conditions of the Earth at each successive epoch, especial reference being made to the British Series of Rocks. By Ralph Tate. With more than 250 Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

Practical Philosophy

A SYNOPSIS OF PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY. By Rev, John Carr, M.A., late Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb. I8mo, 5s. cl.

Pictures And Painters

THE PICTURE AMATEUR'S HANDBOOK AND DICTIONARY OF PAINTERS : A Guide for Visitors to Picture Galleries, and for Art-Students, including methods of Painting, Cleaning, Re-Lining, and Restoring, Principal Schools of Painting, Copyists and Imitators. By Philippe Daryl,B. A. Cr.8vo, 3s

Clocks, Watches, and Bells.

RUDIMENTARY TREATISE on CLOCKS, and WATCHES, and BELLS. By Sir Edmund Beckett, Bart, (late E. B. Denison), LL.D., Q.C., F.R.A.S. Sixth Edition, revised and enlarged. Limp cloth (No. 67,Weale's Series), 4s.. 6d.; cloth bds. 5s. 6d.

"The best work on the subject probably extant. The treatise on bells is undoubtedly the best in the language." - Engineering.

"The only modern treatise on clock-making." - Horological Journal.

The Construction Of The Organ

PRACTICAL ORGAN-BUILDING. By W. E. Dickson, M.A., Precentor of Ely Cathedral. Second Edition, revised, with Additions. I2mo, 3s. cloth hoards. [Fust published.

" In many respects the book is the best that has yet appeared on the subject. We cordially recommend it." - English Mechanic.

"The amateur builder will find in this book all that is necessary to enable him personally to construct a perfect organ with his own hands." - Academy.


A HANDBOOK FOR YOUNG BREWERS. By Herbert Edwards Wright, B.A. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. cloth.

"A thoroughly scientific treatise in popular language." - Morning Advertiser. " We would particularly recommend teachers of the art to place it in every pupil's hands, and we feel sure its perusal will be attended with advantage." - Brewer.