The Young Architect's Book

HINTS TO YOUNG ARCHITECTS. By G. Wightwick. New Edition. By G. H. Guillaume. 12mo, cloth, 4s. " Will be found an acquisition to pupils, and a copy ought to be considered as necessary a purchase as a box of instruments." - Architect.

Drawing for Builders and Students,

PRACTICAL RULES ON DRAWING for the OPERATIVE BUILDER and YOUNG STUDENT in ARCHITECTURE. By George Pyne. With 14 Plates, 4to, 7s. 6d. boards.

Boiler And Factory Chimneys

BOILER AND FACTORY CHIMNEYS ; their Draught-power and Stability, with a chapter on Lightning Conductors. By Robert Wilson, C.E, Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. cloth.

Taylor And Cresys Rome

THE ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES OF ROME. By the late G. L. Taylor, Esq., F.S.A., and Edward Cresy, Esq. New Edition, Edited by the Rev. Alexander Taylor, M.A. (son of the late G. L. Taylor, Esq.) This is the only book which gives on a large scale, and with the precision of architectural measurement, the principal Monuments of Ancient Rome in plan, elevation, and detail. Large folio, with 130 Plates, half-bound, 3/. 3.s. Originally published in two volumes, folio, at 18l. 18s.

Vitruvius' Architecture

THE ARCHITECTURE OF MARCUS VITRUVIUS POLLIO. Translated by Joseph Gwilt, F.S.A., F.R.A.S. Numerous Plates. 12mo, cloth limp, 5s.

Ancient Architecture

RUDIMENTARY ARCHITECTURE (ANCIENT); comprising VITRUVIUS, translated by Joseph Gwilt, F.S.A., etc, with 23 fine plates ; and GRECIAN ARCHITECTURE. By the Earl of Aberdeen ; 12mo, 6s., half-bound. The only edition of VITRUVIUS procurable at a moderate price.

Modern Architecture

RUDIMENTARY ARCHITECTURE (MODERN); comprising THE ORDERS OF ARCHITECTURE. By W. 11. Leeds, Esq. ; The STYLES of ARCHITECTURE of VARIOUS COUNTRIES. By T. Talbot Bury ; and The PRINCIPLES of DESIGN in ARCHITECTURE. By E. L. Garbett. Numerous illustrations, 12mo, 6s. half-bound.

CIVIL Architecture

A TREATISE on THE DECORATIVE TART of CIVIL ARCHITECTURE. By Sir William Chambers, F.R.S. With Illustrations, Notes, and an Examination of Grecian Architecture. By Joseph Gwilt, F.S. A. Revised and edited by W. II. Leeds. 66 Plates, 4to, 21s. cloth.

House Painting

HOUSE PAINTING, GRAINING, MARBLING, AND SIGN WRITING : a Practical Manual of. With 9 Coloured Plates of Woods and Marbles, and nearly 150 Wood Engravings. By Ellis A. Davidson. Third Edition, Revised. 12mo, 6s. cloth.


PLUMBING ; a Text-book to the Practice of the Art or Craft of the Plumber. With chapters upon House-drainage, embodying the latest Improvements. By W. P. Buchan, Sanitary Engineer. Fourth Edition, Revised and much enlarged, with 300 illustrations, I2mo. 4s. cloth. [Just published.

Joints used in Building, Engineering, etc.

THE JOINTS MADE AND USED BY BUILDERS in the construction of various kinds of Engineering and Architectural works, with especial reference to those wrought by artificers in erecting and finishing Habitable Structures. By W. J. Christy, Architect. With 160 Illustrations. 12mo, 3s. 6d. cloth boards.

[Just published.