Dantzic Oak is grown chiefly in Poland, and shipped at the port after which it is named, also at Memel and Stettin.


It is of a dark brown colour, with a close, straight, and compact grain, bright medullary rays, free from knots, very elastic, easily bent when steamed, moderately durable.


It is used for planking, shipbuilding, etc.

Market forms. - The timber is carefully classified as crown and crown brack qualities.

The planks are classed in the same way, the crown and crown brack marked respectively W and WW.

It is imported in logs from 18 feet to 30 feet long, 10 to 16 inches square, and in planks averaging 32 feet long, 9 to 15 inches wide, and 2 to 8 inches thick.1

French Oak is stated by Mr. Laslett to closely resemble British oak in colour, quality, texture, and general characteristics.

Riga Oak is grown in Kussia, and is like that shipped from Dantzic, but with more numerous and more distinct medullary rays. It is valued for its silver grain, and is imported in logs of a nearly semicircular section.