Rough-cast Plate, or Rough Plate, is the glass cast as above described and rolled upon a smooth iron table.

One side has a wavy but polished appearance; the other side is also wavy but dull.


This is the cheapest mate glass made, and there is only one quality.

Size And Thickness

The plates kept in stock range as high as those containing 60 superficial feet.

The thicknesses made are 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch.


Rough plate may be used in all situations where a certain amount of light is required, combined with strength - such as lights in pavements, in risers to steps, in windows close to the ground, etc. etc.

Rough Rolled Plate, or Rolled Plate, is made after the patent of Messrs. Hartley and Co., Sunderland, and is often called Hartley's Rolled Plate, or Hartley's Patent Rough Plate.

The melted glass is rolled as before, but upon a table having lines, or, in some varieties, flutes, cut upon its surface.

Glass of this description is wavy, but smooth on one side; the other side being marked with parallel ridge lines, or with flutes.

Rough rolled plate is divided into plain, which has very narrow parallel ridge lines close together.