Jarrah, or Australian Mahogany (Eucalyptus marginata), comes from West-Australia.


The wood is of a red colour, and close, wavy grain, with occasionally figure enough for ornamental purposes.


Trees decay at centre; wood is very brittle; when sound contains a pungent acid repellent to the teredo, which is said never to penetrate beyond the sap. The Dutch Commission referred to at page 381 made, however, no exception in favour of this wood. It is also said to resist the white ant. It is full of defects like cupshakes, but filled with resin. The wood is deficient in strength and tenacity, and very subject to shrink and warp if exposed to the sun.


It is admirably adapted for piers, jetties, dock gates, piles, and for shipbuilding.

Market forms. - Very little is imported to this country. The sound trees yield timber from 20 to 40 feet long and 11 to 24 inches square.2