Size is, or should be, made from the best glue. The glue is prepared by boiling down the skin and horny parts of animals, parchment clippings, etc.

Inferior glue is said to remain damp and to become mildewed.

To make size, a piece of glue is placed in the pot and covered over with water. When melted, it is thinned by adding more water.

A pound of glue makes about a gallon of size.

Very good size may easily be made by boiling parchment clippings for several hours and straining them through a cloth.

Size is used with earthy colouring matters to make them adhere to surfaces, also for clear cole, as described below.

Double Size is merely size of double the strength of ordinary size.

Patent Size "is a gelatine, and can be used without any soaking as required for glue size." 4

Kilvin Dry Size is said to be colourless and odourless. It is sold in powder, and becomes gelatinous on cooling after a minute's boiling. It will keep several days in the hottest weather, and will not affect the most delicate tints.4

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Clear Cole is the name given to a coating of size which is often used to fill up the pores of wood or plaster in order to prepare them to receive varnish, colour, etc., without absorbing too much.

Parchment Size is used by gilders. It is made by dissolving shreds of fine parchment in warm water.

Gold Size, of different kinds, is applied to surfaces to be gilded, as a basis to receive and secure the gold leaf.

Oil Gold Size is made by grinding ochre in boiled linseed oil. The mixture is made as stiff as possible, kept for several years, if possible, and thinned down with boiled linseed and fat oil for use.

This is the best size to use for outside work, and for any work that is not burnished. It is, however, rather slow setting, and must be applied some 12 to 18 hours before the leaf is laid on.

Burnish Gold Size is laid over a basis of size and whiting to secure gold leaf that is to be rubbed bright with a burnisher.

It may be made with a mixture of "black lead, deer suet, and red chalk, 1 oz. each, with 1 lb. of pipeclay, ground together to a stiff paste," but it is generally purchased ready made.

Japanners' Gold Size is made by boiling gum anime in linseed oil with driers. The process is an elaborate one, and is fully described in Spon's Workshop Receipts.

This size sets very quickly (in from 20 to 30 minutes when pure), and is used for gilding when but short time is available, also for repairs.

It is not so durable, nor does it make such good work, as oil size.

In gilding or japan work it is used as a basis to secure gold leaf or gold powder.