The best balks of northern pine are imported from Dantzic, Memel, Eiga.

Dantzic Timber is grown chiefly in Prussia, and takes its name from the port where it is shipped.


Its general appearance answers to the description given above, though in colour it is rather whiter than other varieties.


This timber is strong, tough, elastic, easily worked, and durable if well seasoned.

It contains, especially in small trees, a large proportion of sapwood, which in fresh timber can hardly be distinguished from the heartwood, and it frequently contains large and dead knots. The heart is often loose and "cuppy."

Market forms. - Dantzic balks are from 18 to 45 feet long, and generally 14 to 16 inches square.

The deals vary from 2 to 5 inches in thickness, and in length from 18 to 50 feet.

The classification of this timber, and of that from Memel, as to qualities, etc., is given at pp. 384, 385.