241. A very important feature in brick construction is that both the front and rear walls should be securely bonded and anchored to the side, party, or partition walls. If possible, all the walls should be carried up together, but delays in obtaining the iron, stone, etc. often make it necessary to carry up the side and partition walls first.

When this is the case, the end of the side walls should be built with toothings, as shown in Fig. 100, each one being eight or nine courses high, as at a, a, into which the backing of the front wall should be bonded.

In order to unite the two walls more firmly together, anchors made of 3/8"X2" wrought iron, with one end turned up 2 inches, and the other turned around a 5/8-inch bar, should be built into the side wall about every 4 feet in height, as shown at b. These anchors should be long enough to extend at least 16 inches, or the depth of two bricks laid the long way, into the side wall, and the center of the 5/8-inch rod should be about 8 inches from the back of the front wall.

The building laws of nearly all the large cities require that all intersecting brick walls shall be tied together in this way.

Bonding Walls At Angles 102

Fig. 100.