A form of step much used is represented in Fig. 10. The solid block is sawed into shape, and the riser is sawed out as shown, leaving a veneer for the face of the riser. The end b is firmly fastened to the solid block with screws. At a, a square hole is left the full depth of the riser, into which wedges are driven from each end, as suggested at d. The back of the veneer is covered with glue, and, as the wedges are driven home, it is clamped firmly against the face of the block. The newel is generally set on top of this step, as indicated by the dotted lines. The second riser may be placed in the middle of the newel, as indicated at c, or in any other position desired.



12 Bull Nose Steps 12(b)


Fig. 9.

12 Bull Nose Steps 14

Fig. 10.