In some buildings the ironwork of the first story or "store front" does not project beyond the wall; and the iron beams, such as those over store windows, often require to be covered with a metal panel or cornice, or both combined.

Fig. 14 shows a panel course attached to an iron I beam. A series of bar-iron braces a are fastened to the web of the I beam and the panels are secured to them with countersunk screws, so that the heads will finish flush with the face of the panel. A rebate is formed at b to cover the joint between the top of the window frame and the iron beam. When the beams are in place, and before the brickwork c is built thereon, the sheet-metal panel course is pushed over the face of the beam and doubled over at the back edge of the upper and lower flanges, as shown at d. The braces a thus merely support the frieze and prevent it from sagging. If desired, a plank instead of iron straps may be bolted to the web of the beam to support the panels.