Casement Or French Window. In Plate XLVI., fig. 1, scale half-inch to the foot, is the inside elevation of this; fig. 2, the vertical section; fig. 3, the plan. In the elevation the two upper panes, a a, are, with their frames, fixed, being divided by the horizontal rail or transom, b b, from the two lower sashes, c c, d d, which open right and left to the outside. In the plan one of these, as c c, is shown as opened, the other, d d, being closed; e e, the shutter boxes; the shutter, f f, is shown in one of these only; g g, the architrave ; h h h h, the wall; i, the window sill. Fig. 4, Plate XLVI, is a section of the architrave, g, in fig. 3, one-sixth of the full size. In fig. 2, a is stone cill, b the wall, c the lining, d the skirting board, g g the architrave, h h top and bottom rails of upper and fixed sash, g g top and bottom rails of half of casement, b middle rail or transom, e oak cill of window frame.