The doors of the principal rooms should be made to order. If of pine or whitewood they may be made solid but must be of kiln-dried stock and kept perfectly dry. The tenons should be made, as specified, with haunches (Fig. 81) and the panels put in without bradding or gluing, so as the allow them to swell and shrink without cracking. Hardwood doors are veneered upon a core of well seasoned pine and should be examined, upon delivery, to see that this is done and that the veneers are of the proper thickness. The veneers should be one-quarter inch on the face and at least three-quarters inch on the edges, to allow of fitting. If the panels are of great width they should also be veneered, with the grain of the core running at right angles to the grain of the veneer. Doors which are to show hardwood on one side and a painted finish on the other should be veneered on both sides to prevent warping, which may occur if one side only is veneered. In the design and selection of doors care must be taken that the panels are so divided that the lock, in its normal position, will not cut off the tenon of the rail but will come opposite a panel, (Fig. 82.) The rails of a door are always tenoned into the outside stiles, and if there is a middle stile it is tenoned into the rails (Fig. 83), so that the tenon at A is an important factor in the strength of the door and is often weakened or destroyed by being cut for the lock.

Custom Made Doors 010099Fig. 80. Sash Lifts.

Fig. 80. Sash Lifts.