The kind of roof known as a "gambrel roof" has already been described so far as the framing of the roof is concerned, but at the point where the steeper part of the roof meets the flatter part, there is a little finish which may well be described and illustrated while considering the roof finish. The rafters B, in Fig. 298, stop at the top against a framing piece C and the roof boards G are nailed to them, but the ends of the rafters of the flatter portion A rest on top of the piece C and the lower end would be left exposed if it were not covered by the finishing piece D. This is of 7/8-inch stuff and runs continuously across the ends of all the rafters, covering the spaces between them. It is well, however, to take the additional precaution of putting in the piece H so as to make the space under the roof less accessible to the weather. The shingles or other roof covering on the flatter portion of the roof should project over the piece D far enough to form a sufficient drip over it, as shown at F, and the piece E should be inserted to catch the drippings and shed them onto the shingling of the steeper roof.

Fig. 299. Diagram of Simple Gable End of a Building

Fig. 299. Diagram of Simple Gable End of a Building.

A form of finish similar to that described above may be used in the case of a deck roof at the point where the flat deck meets the inclined roof surface. The only difference between the deck roof and the gambrel roof finish shown in Fig. 298 is that the rafters A will be nearly flat instead of inclined, but this will not affect the application of the finish.