1. What is the difference between a hinge and a butt?

2. What hardware attachments are desirable when outside window blinds are used?

3. What is the difference between a lock, a latch, and a bolt? How is a latch sometimes made to serve the purpose of a lock? What is a dead bolt?

4. What is the difference between a right-hand and a left-hand door?

5. How are door knobs prevented from getting loose?

6 What is meant by flush hardware? Give instances of its use. Illustrate, if possible, with diagrams.

7. What are the essential features of a good type of escutcheon?

8. Write a brief historical sketch of the development of the common nail.

9. Describe the different kinds of nails now in common use, noting their relative advantages for different kinds of work and the precautions that should be taken in driving them.

10. Describe the two main classes of locks, with a diagram illustrating each.

11. If you were asked to inspect the window-sash hardware in an up-to-date modern dwelling-house, make out a list of the items you would look for.

12. In joining woodwork, what method is sometimes adopted to overcome the effects of shrinking and swelling?

13. Discuss, giving diagrams, the possibility of the artistic use of strap hinges and tee-hinges.

14. Describe the different classes of door butts, and compare their advantages.