1. Name and describe the three classes of roof trusses, and give a sketch of one truss of each class.

2. Give a sketch of the Fink truss and the Modified Fink truss.

3. Given W = al (1 + l/ 10 ), compute the dead panel load of an eight-panel Fink truss of 80-foot span, if the distances between trusses is 20 feet and the roof covering is composed of corrugated steel.

4. Tell how a felt and asphalt roof is made and laid.

5. What is a non-condensation roofing?

6. Design the purlins if they are to be spaced 6 feet apart And the trusses are to be spaced 16 feet apart. They are to carry 40 pounds per square foot of roof surface.

7. Write one page on the economical pitch and spacing of roof trusses.

8. If the trusses are of 80-foot span and are spaced 20 feet center to center, and are eight-panel Fink, compute the stresses in the knee-braces if they join the columns 8 feet from the top. The columns are 25 feet long; the normal wind pressure on the roof is 12 pounds; the pitch of the roof is ; the normal wind pressure on the side of the building is 25 pounds; and the columns are considered free.

9. In the trusses of question 8, above, compute the bending moment in the posts.

10. If in question 8, above, the girts are placed 4 feet apart, design them.

10 000 pounds which acts 12 inches from the face of the column, design the section of the column if it consists of four angles and a plate.

12. A compression member of a roof truss consists of two angles placed inch, hack to hack, and has a stress of 35 000 pounds. Design the member if it is 6 feet long.

13. If the member of question 12, above, is a tension member, design it.

14. If the connection plates are inch thick, determine the number of -inch rivets required for the connections of the member in question 12, above.

15. Make a sketch showing two details of the end of a roof truss.

16. How is the cost of structural steel determined.

17. If the maximum wheel reaction is 19 000 pounds, and the wheel base is 9 feet, design the runway girder if the trusses are 16 feet apart.

18. If the maximum wheel reaction is 40 000 pounds, and the wheel base is 10 feet, design the runway girder if the trusses are 16 feet apart.

19. Determine the rivet spacing in the second division of the runway girder of question 18, above, if hg is 30 inches,

20. Make a sketch giving two gable details, and state the sizes of gutters and conductors.

21. State the different classes of floors employed in mill buildings, and give a sketch of two classes.