The plant used for constructing a five-story reinforced-concrete building, 117 feet by 200 feet, for the Locust Realty Company, by Moore & Company, Inc., is a good example of a centrally located plant. Near the center of the building is an elevator shaft, in which was constructed the framework for hoisting the concrete. Fig. 147 shows the arrangement of the plant, which is located in the basement and near the center of the building. The mixer is located so that the concrete can be dumped directly into the hoisting bucket. The chute for receiving the materials being about 18 inches above the basement floor, it was therefore necessary to wheel the materials up an incline. An excavation was made below the level of the basement floor for the hoisting bucket. The mixing was done by a steam engine located on the same frame as the mixer. The concrete was hoisted by a hoisting engine which was located about twenty feet from the shaft. A small hoisting engine was also used for hoisting the steel and lumber used for forms; as this engine was located some distance from the rest of the plant, it is not shown in Fig. 147. The three engines are supplied with steam from a portable boiler which is located as shown in the figure. The efficiency of this plant was shown in the mixing and hoisting of the concrete for the second floor, when 240 cubic yards were mixed and hoisted in 16 hours, or at an average rate of one cubic yard in four minutes.

All materials were delivered at the front of the building; and therefore it was necessary to transport the cement, sand, and stone about 100 feet to the mixer. This was done by means of wheelbarrows especially designed and made for Moore & Company, Inc , the capacity being four cubic feet. The concrete was a 1:2:4 mix, and was mixed in batches of 14 cubic feet. The materials for a batch, therefore, consisted of 2 bags of cement, 1 wheelbarrow of sand, and 2 wheelbarrows of stone.

The lumber for the forms was l1/4-inch plank, except the support and braces. Details of the forms will be given and discussed under the heading of "Forms."