The forms used in constructing the building for the Locust Realty Company (the mixing plant has already been described), present one rather unusual feature. The lumber for the slabs, beams, girders, and columns was all the same thickness, 1 1/4 inches. Fig. 161 shows the details of the forms for the beams and slabs. The beams are spaced about 6 feet apart, and are 8by 16 inches; the slab is 4 inches thick. A notch is cut into the 1 by 6-inch strip on the side of the beams, to support the 2 by 4-inch strip under the plank which supports the concrete for the slab. The posts supporting the forms are 3 1/2 by 3 1/2-inch, and are braced by two 1 by 6-inch boards spaced about 3 feet apart, and extending in the direction of the beams. Fig. 162 shows the forms for the columns. The planks for each side of the column are held together by the 1 by 4-inch strip, and, when erected in place, are clamped by the 2 by 4-inch strip. A large opening is left at the bottom of each column, so that all shavings and sawdust can be removed. This opening is closed just before the concrete is deposited.