The functions of fire-resisting materials are threefold:

1. To carry loads.

2. To protect all structural steel

3. To serve as noncombustible partitions or barriers.

The specific uses are, in general, the following:

1. Floor and Roof Arches.

2. Ceilings.

3. Partitions.

4. Protection for flanges and webs of beams and girders.

5. Protection of columns, doors, and shutters.

Fireproof materials, as generally used at the present time, comprise burnt clay in various forms, concrete, and plaster.

Fire-resisting materials, in general, comprise specially treated wood, certain kinds of paint, asbestos paper or other special kinds of paper, and metal-covered wood.

*Note. By "effective depth of flat arch" is meant the depth from top of arch to bottom of beam.

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