Note-The titles marked with asterisks are considered the most Important, those with a double asterisk being especially recommended.

**Buhlmann: Die Architektur des Classischen Alterthums und der Renaissance. (The Architecture of the Classic Ages and of the Renaissance.') Stuttgart, 1872-88. 3 volumes in one. 75 folding plates. A valuable and well-drawn collection of the best Classic and Renaissance buildings.

*Chambers, Sir W.: Decorative Part of Civil Architecture. London, 2 volumes, plates. Lockwood, 21 shillings. 1883. A work on the Orders with some excellent ideas and unusual illustrations.

*Gibbs, J.: Rules for Drawing the Several Parts of Architecture. London. 1753. Folding plates. The best of the old English "Builders' Handbooks," from which the colonial carpenters derived their details.

Laureys: Kursus der Classischen Baukunst. (Course in Classic Architecture.) Berlin, 1889. 70 plates. An elaborate method of drawing the Orders in all their parts; practically all included (in a simple form) in Part I of Study of the Orders (American School of Correspondence).

**Mauch: Die Architcktonischen Ordnungen der Griechen und Romer. (The Architectural Orders of the Greeks and Romans.) Berlin, 1875. 2 parts in one volume. 102 folding plates. A collection of a great number of antique Greek and Roman plates from various buildings.

*Normand, C. P. J.: Parallel of the Orders of Architecture. London, 1829. 64 folding plates. An analysis of the different Orders, and the various methods of proportioning them; of value and interest to the worker and student.

Spiers: The Orders of Architecture. London, 1890. 20 folding plates.

*Vignola: The Five Orders of Architecture; to which is added the Greek Orders. Boston. 82 plates. Bates & Guild, $5. With the original French plates and with English translation of descriptive matter.

American Vignola. Edited by Prof. W. R. Ware. New York. American Architect, 1902. $2.00. A recent and different work, with redrawn plates and many other valuable illustrations of standard architectural details.