The method of wiring for electric heaters is essentially the same as for lights which require the same amount of current. A constant electro-motive force or voltage is maintained in the main wire leading to the heaters. A much less voltage is carried on the return wire, and the current in passing through the heater from the main to the return, drops in voltage or pressure. This drop provides the energy which is transformed into heat.

The principle of electric heating is much the same as that involved in the non-gravity return system of steam heating. In that system the pressure on the main steam pipes is that of the boiler, while that on the return is much less, the reduction in pressure occurring in the passage of the steam through the radiators; the water of condensation is received into a tank and returned to the boiler by a pump.

Connections For Electric Heaters 1000181

Fig. 28.

In a system of electric heating the main wires must be sufficiently large to prevent a sensible reduction in voltage or pressure between the generator and the heater, so that the pressure in them shall be substantially that in the generator The pressure or voltage in the main return wire is also constant, but very low, and the generator has an office similar to that of the steam pump in the system just described; that is, of raising the pressure of the return current up to that in the main. The power supplied to the generator can be considered the same as the boiler in the first case. All of the current which passes from the main to the return must flow through the heater and in so doing its pressure or voltage falls from that of the main to that of the return.

From the generator shown in Fig. 29, main and return wires are run the same as in a two-pipe system of steam heating, and these are proportioned to carry the required current without sensible drop or loss of pressure. Between these wires are placed the various heaters, which are arranged so that when electric connection is made they draw the current from the main and discharge it into the return wire. Connections are made and broken by switches which take the place of valves on steam radiators.